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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 3 of 30 day detox

I'm on my third day of the detox. So far so good! I have completed 2 full days worth of the program.

I have been so anxious to see if there is any improvement. To make sure the program works, I stayed on my regular diet. I ate whatever I wanted including sweets and carbs. The only thing I cut down is meat since I have been trying to get back to pescatarian lifestyle.

Here are the list of food I consumed the past 2 days:

Day 1

     pineapple juice (with the fiber powder of the program)

      Mang Inasal (PM 1.5) with rice
      15 blocks of cadbury milk chocolate (around 500 calories)

      1 pack Fita
      1 medium kerei
      1 Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Drink

       Sinigang na ulo ng maya2 (1 head)
       4 cinnamon sticks from Pizza hut with cheese dip

Day 2

     Prima buttered toast
     pineapple juice (with the fiber powder of the program)

      spicy tuna omelette (1 can hot & spicy century tuna, 2 whole eggs, and 1 large onion)
      chap chae from Bonchon
      fried mango crepe from Bonchon

      1 pack Fita
      1 glass apple cider vinegar with honey

     2 pc chicken with potato chips from crave burger
     1 handful trail mix
     1 slice lemon square from Mary Grace

The only exercise I did was 10 minute elliptical stepper and 5 minute treadmill on the first day. I also did some floor ballet stretches.

As you can see, I ate more than 2000 calories per day. So I was so surprised when I stepped on the weighing scale this morning after I did number 2- I lost 1.4 lbs! Wow!

Also, I was surprised that the program did not make me feel gassy or bloated. Everything was normal. I did not pee endlessly (so weight loss is not water weight), my bowel movement was normal (not watery). Although I did notice that my poo for the 2nd day was relatively darker! (ewww! toxins!)

current weight: 131.4 lbs
goal weight: 95 lbs

36.4 lbs to go!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The 30 day detox challenge

With the wedding less than six (6) months away, i have lost all hope to be thin and sexy on the big day. Standing at 5 feet tall and weighing 132 lbs, I am clearly overweight!
I have been on several diets, including no carbs, no sweets, calorie counting, and even the every expensive Usana Nutrimeal 5 day diet. True enough, they all worked!. I would lose up to 5 lbs! However, I seem can't stay on a fixed diet. It is difficult! No carbs??? after a few days, you can't think of anything else but to eat PIZZA! PASTA! and my favorite Chap Chae! Yum!.... No Sugar?  Are you  kidding me? the most i lasted is like 2 days! Calorie counting works! definitely! and I can eat what I want as long as I stay at the maximum calorie count for the day. So far it is the best! However, it is also difficult to stick with. Once i exceed for just 1 day, I balloon and all the weight I lost are back. My weight has been fluctuating for the past 6 months. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near my goal weight!

Throughout the 6 months, I would go to the gym or attend zumba class at most twice a week and I regularly attend my once a week ballet class.

The main problem is I'm a foodie! I love food! If i have a craving, I would gladly satisfy it! Of course I would regret it after! Additionally, at 30 yrs. old, my metabolism has been so slow!

Ok now, I was introduced to this digestive cleanse by Unicity Bios Life Clear Start by my cousins. Other than a way to remedy my weight problems, it promotes health. My fiance, parents, soon to be mom-in-law and couple of friends joined me in this challenge!

We all ordered the Unicity Bios Life Clear Start and will take it for 30 days!

I read the reviews from amazon and other websites, so far it is promising! I understand that a colon detox is a must for those trying to lose weight . Cancer is in my family genes, hence, I take this detox challenge not only for losing weight but also to clear my body from toxins that may lead to illnesses.

Today is Day 1!

weight: 132.8 lbs
goal weight : 95 lbs

37.8 lbs to go!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The TRUTH will set you free

Awhile ago, I picked up a local newspaper,  I browsed some articles until I came across the “tell your tita” part. It was about a girl who found that her boyfriend lied to her and is now having second thoughts in marrying him. To my surprise, the “tita” advised that she tells her boyfriend that she cannot marry him and when he asks why,  she doesn't have to tell him why. For me, the truth is always important. I know sometimes a person does not have to  know ALL the truth. However, if a person ends a relationship with me, I think I deserve to know why. I do not believe in gossip. The lie might have a very good excuse. Ending a relationship basing on the "gossip" of others without confronting the person involved is a big "NO NO". Haven't we watched enough movies where a person regrets because he/she listened to gossip without knowing the WHOLE TRUTH??? If i believe in a gossip enough to think it's true, i might as well hear it from the person involved.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

To the world that doesn't make sense

Lately I've been noticing some weird news. I for one does not read the papers regularly, however, due to yahoo news, twitter and facebook, I'm up to date of the latest happenings. The big news that flooded my accounts were the recent impeachment of Philippine Supreme Court Justice Corona. He was voted guilty by the panel of Senators who stood as judges in our Impeachment Court. It was so controversial that a people postponed work and studies to watch. I am not fond of watching or reading news. Especially those that include killings and death and stuff. I cannot do anything to change the situation and talking about it doesn't help. As I got bored reading the comments about the verdict, i browsed some other articles. On that same day, I was able to read three articles about people eating humans. One was about a man eating the face of another "living" man. One was about a mother cooking and eating her 3 week old baby. Another was about a man cooking his genitals and selling it for money. What is happening? These are news! When I read them , i got chills and wondered about the apocalypse and zombie movies. These are the things that people should read and talk about. I mean, the Impeachment of the Chief Justice is controversial and history in the making. However, for me, it was bound to happen and I wasn't even surprised with the verdict.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A new year for a new beginning

Alas! I have been telling myself to write here. After a year and a half, here I am.

It's a new year. Some say it might be the last. 

I have yet to set many goals this year. Last year was filled with many tragedies but also filled with good memories. I hope this year, would be slightly different. 

Welcome 2012!

Goal #1: start writing on my blog.

-sweet pea-

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Communication is the key

"No man is an island"- It is one of the most common sayings that we all can actually agree to. A man must be a member of a society to become human. It is natural instinct, to be a member of a society.

However, as a social being, the key to a harmonious living is communication. That is why people with good communication skills are always looked up to. I am not saying that a person who likes to talk has a good communication skill. Sometimes, even if a person has so much confidence in speaking what's on his mind, he may still have poor communication skills. A person can communicate well if he knows when to speak and when not to speak and what to speak about on the proper time and on the proper place. He also qualifies if he delivers his thoughts precisely and without any misunderstanding.

Lots of people don't realize how important communication is. Communication skills are needed everywhere- at home, in the workplace and even just between two people who are friends and mostly between a couple. Imagine how many fights and arguments have been brought about by miscommunication or misuderstanding. It has broken up couples, friends and even families.

An important element of communication is LISTENING. Some people just keep on saying things forcing others to listen but when it comes that its their turn to listen, they do not. This is not communication. People are social beings. It takes more than one person to complete the process of communication. Both must talk and listen.

Miscommunication happens all the time, either because the delivery of the thought was poor or because interpretation of the message received was wrong. Either way, if one does not understand, one must clarify and listen to reason. Do not jump to hasty conclusions, it could be a cause of lost relationship. Once the message is clear, then it is time to react properly.

Unfortunately,in this imperfect world, we belong to a society where there are just people who refuse to listen and force themselves even if it is a clear misunderstanding. If they cannot be helped anymore, we cannot do anything about it. All we can do is avoid them and try our best not to be like them.

" After all, there is no point of talking to a person who does not know how to listen"

Friday, April 30, 2010

Noodles without manners

One summer day, one of my nephews didn’t like the food prepared for lunch. He wanted to eat instant noodles instead. His mom was sitting beside him allowed him to prepare his noodles but said he still had to eat rice no matter what. To oblige, he took a plate and put some rice on it and added the noodles and the soup as viand. Since he didn’t cut the noodles, whenever he puts a spoonful of rice and noodles in his mouth, the noodles would hang from his mouth and had to slurp it.

His mom didn’t like the sound of his slurping and told him to stop doing it. He took another spoonful, again, the noodles were hanging from his mouth and had to slurp it. His mom told him, again, to stop it. He was trying to minimize the noise but does not know how. I saw his dilemma and told him to use his spoon correctly. What I meant was make sure all the noodles inside the spoon before he puts it inside his mouth. Unfortunately, that’s not how he understood it and again, made a slurping sound.

His mom got mad and told him he’s being punished and cannot play computer nor watch tv for the whole afternoon. His eyes became watery and keeps on saying “ but I’m eating noodles”! His mom just said, “ but you should not slurp at all”, glaring at him.

He just kept quiet, with tear rolling from his eyes mumbling “now I know why some people say the Chinese have no manners! They eat NOODLES!”

His mom, who was so mad wanted to laugh at his comment. He just made a joke and he didn’t even know it. All she could do was crack a sly smile :D