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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 3 of 30 day detox

I'm on my third day of the detox. So far so good! I have completed 2 full days worth of the program.

I have been so anxious to see if there is any improvement. To make sure the program works, I stayed on my regular diet. I ate whatever I wanted including sweets and carbs. The only thing I cut down is meat since I have been trying to get back to pescatarian lifestyle.

Here are the list of food I consumed the past 2 days:

Day 1

     pineapple juice (with the fiber powder of the program)

      Mang Inasal (PM 1.5) with rice
      15 blocks of cadbury milk chocolate (around 500 calories)

      1 pack Fita
      1 medium kerei
      1 Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Drink

       Sinigang na ulo ng maya2 (1 head)
       4 cinnamon sticks from Pizza hut with cheese dip

Day 2

     Prima buttered toast
     pineapple juice (with the fiber powder of the program)

      spicy tuna omelette (1 can hot & spicy century tuna, 2 whole eggs, and 1 large onion)
      chap chae from Bonchon
      fried mango crepe from Bonchon

      1 pack Fita
      1 glass apple cider vinegar with honey

     2 pc chicken with potato chips from crave burger
     1 handful trail mix
     1 slice lemon square from Mary Grace

The only exercise I did was 10 minute elliptical stepper and 5 minute treadmill on the first day. I also did some floor ballet stretches.

As you can see, I ate more than 2000 calories per day. So I was so surprised when I stepped on the weighing scale this morning after I did number 2- I lost 1.4 lbs! Wow!

Also, I was surprised that the program did not make me feel gassy or bloated. Everything was normal. I did not pee endlessly (so weight loss is not water weight), my bowel movement was normal (not watery). Although I did notice that my poo for the 2nd day was relatively darker! (ewww! toxins!)

current weight: 131.4 lbs
goal weight: 95 lbs

36.4 lbs to go!!!


R Sabio said...

wow boo, bumaba nga talaga. let's see ang effect nya in the next following days.

sweet pea said...

yep yep!!! dapat mag weigh ka din!!!